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Our Technology

Give each product unit a unique fingerprint by integrating invisible codes into the product’s primary, secondary packaging or label, easily scannable with any smartphone.

What makes KaiosID different?

1_ It’s truly invisible.
The code is not an add-on to your packaging design like something you would find in the supermarket. Brands invest heavily in their image, which is reflected in their packaging. Our invisible solution respects that investment.
2_ It’s invincibly secure
Not only is our solution invisible, it can also cover the whole package. This makes it impossible to remove or manipulate, taking security to a whole new level.
3_ It’s sustainable
The future of packaging has to be sustainable. It’s what customers demand, and it’s just the right thing to do. We don’t add any additional components to your packaging. No electronics, RFID or NFC. Or anything else.
4_ Huge data volumes. Precise details.
We give each product unit (or batch) a unique identifier, giving you much more granular data about your products, your distributors, your consumers, and how they all interact.
All together, you get a sophisticated customer engagement and insights gathering solution that doesn’t skimp on security. It’s the backbone of what we do.

What makes KaiosID different?

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