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Engage with your consumers

Today’s customers want a personal relationship with the brands they love. More than that, they expect it.

Brands want this connection, too. What better way to learn what your customers want, than to have them tell you themselves?

You have a unique opportunity to talk directly about values that are normally hard to communicate, like sustainability and traceability. And you can do it in a way that is intimate and personal — an authentic conversation with your customers.

What your customer get

Our solution turns each product unboxing into a personal conversation with your customers using our innovative two-way communication channel. Your customers will learn more about you, your values and products — what makes you stand out from your competitors — in an engaging, branded multimedia experience.

Engaging personalized content

Based on their age, location, time of day and year, and really any other data point. How you engage your customers is entirely up to you. The sky's the limit

What you get

As your customers interact with your content, they generate valuable data that you can turn into product and marketing insights. We deliver this data to you in a unique brand platform where you get customer data and valuable feedback about their behavior and product use.
It’s an insights goldmine.

Quick and direct feedback

  • Product performance

  • Consumer sentiment

  • Consumer pain points

  • Age, gender, and demographic data

  • Tastes and preferences

  • Consumer behavior in the app (page consulted, clicks)

  • Location

  • Answers to survey or feedback requests

  • Ratings

What to do with the data


Build more trust with customers with transparency about product origin

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Launch innovative and personalized campaigns


Improve customer loyalty with personal product and brand communication


Deepen customer insights

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Direct online marketing, digital promotions and campaigns

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Create a community

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