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About us

Our values

At KaiosID, it’s all about trust and transparency. Just like you, our products are a reflection of who we are. We love to connect with people in an authentic way, built on trust. Our most valuable assets are the relationships we build with our team, with our clients and partners, with our investors and any other stakeholders. And with you.

Our management team

We love what we do. We love to design, code, and strategize. It’s in our blood. But we also love music, film, food, travel, and all the other finer things of life. We each bring a unique perspective that adds to our work and makes it more human. More authentic. We look forward to do the same for you.


Johan Wüthrich

Founder & CEO


Raphaël Hunziker

Co-Founder & COO


Guillaume Bangala

Chief Technology Officer

Our story

During spring of 2015 was born little by little KaiosID.
Johan noticed that anti-counterfeiting products, though secure, weren’t doing anything to respect brands and their storytelling.
After 2 years of hard work, on-the-ground research, and ideation, KaiosID was officially incorporated in Lausanne, Switzerland on August 14, 2019 by Johan and Raph.
Since then, with a lot night work, “online” meetings and enthusiasm, co-founders Johan and Raph, and Guillaume who joined the team, didn’t stop.
Always going a step ahead into the future, creating new and undiscovered worlds to engage with consumers, adding value for brand protection but above all delivering trust.

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