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Protect your brand

Not everyone has direct, two-way consumer communication as part of their strategy. But protecting the authentic brand from frauds and counterfeits is always top of mind. No matter what.

This internal tool is managed by brands themselves. It allows auditors or third parties to control the end-to-end authentication and traceability of a brand’s products.

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What you get

You’ll get relevant, aggregated information about your products — where they’re from, where they’re going, their authenticity, and detailed field reports whenever fraud is detected. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the whole supply and distribution chain, where spotting irregularities is a piece of cake.

What to do with the data


Detect fraudulent distributors

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Safeguard your brand image


Increase control of your supply chain


Develop a global view of your business

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Foster legitimate


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Prevent return fraud

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Detect hot zones of illicit trade

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Get to know other players in your industry

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