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All in One:
Brand Protection and Consumer Engagement

Customers scan your product for useful branded content, like video tutorials, loyalty programs, or ingredient lists. Product authentication and control is done in the background, behind the scenes.

​With every scan, you receive data that helps you better know your customers and protect your products.

This huge volume of data is served to you in statistics and analytic dashboards on our web platforms. All 100% customizable.

This gives you a clear, global vision of your supply chain from beginning to end, enriched with your customers’ data. It’s an insights-gathering machine. With almost limitless applications.

What your customers get

1_ Engaging personalized content

based on their age, location, time of day and year, and really any other data point. How you engage your customers is entirely up to you. The sky's the limit.

2_ Self-service

with smart chatbots. Customers get quick answers to any questions they might have about your product. You build customer loyalty while reducing the load on your support teams. It’s a win-win.

What you get

1_ Product Data

Product number Batch number Origin of the product Production date Destination market Distributors

2_ Traceability Data

Smart fraud alerts Tracking analytics and statistics
Field reports overview Etc.

3_ Consumer Data

4_Quick and direct feedback

What to do with the data

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