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Elegant product identification system that protects and respects brands.

Fights counterfeiting and parallel markets, and enables consumer engagement and trust.

Scan an item

The product is scanned with a smartphone app and is identified.

Access to the app

Provides all types of useful information about the product item.

Access to the web platform

Graphical reporting of the information collected by the app.

A global vision

A full control of the supply chain from the beginning to the end.

Security taken to another level

Our security features cover a large area and are more difficult to manipulate and replicate.

A close relationship with the consumer

More efficient campaigns, thanks to direct consumer feedback. 

What do brands get with us?

What can brands need from us?

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Our Solutions

The main industries that trust us

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Wines & Spirits


Food & Beverages

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