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Stand out.
Be authentic.

Safeguard your products and your brand. Get to know your customers.
All with the scan of a smartphone.

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What is kaiosID

KaiosID is an invisible product identification solution that adds a fingerprint to your product's packaging, giving every product unit its own unique identity. And just like a real fingerprint, it can’t be removed or manipulated.

Scanning the packaging with a smartphone brings your product to life. And while your customers learn more about your product and brand through interactive digital content, you’ll learn about them.


It’s truly invisible.

The code is not an add-on to your packaging design like something you would find in the supermarket. Brands invest heavily in their image, which is reflected in their packaging. Our invisible solution respects that investment.


It’s highly secure

Not only is our solution invisible, it can also cover the whole package. This makes it almost impossible to remove or manipulate, taking security to a whole new level.


It’s sustainable

The future of packaging has to be sustainable. It’s what customers demand, and it’s just the right thing to do. We don’t add any additional components to your packaging. No electronics, RFID or NFC. Or anything else.


The integration
is seamless

Implementing our solution into existing production processes is smooth and easy. We focus on keeping the integration seamless to avoid hidden costs.

Protect your brand

Secure your products, detect frauds, and fight counterfeiting and product diversion with our brand protection solution.

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Engage with your consumers

Deepen your relationship with your customers through enriched, targeted content with the scan of a smartphone.

Awards & Recognition

It’s nice to be recognized. These accolades are the result of work, work,work, and more work.

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Tech4Trust 2022 finalist


Cosmetic360 2020: Winner for best services innovation

Cosmetic360 20219: Finalist for best packaging innovation


Venture Award 2020 Winner ICT

Venture Award 2019 finalist


MassChallenge Switzerland 2019 finalist


De Vigier 2021 Finalist


Voted top 50 startups in which to invest in 2020


PM Equity Partner Startup Challenge 2019:  Winner of audience prize.

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