Traceability made easy

kaiosID is a cloud based traceability solution that allows brands to fight the increasing threats of counterfeiting and grey market by adding unique hidden random patterns on the product’s packaging. The kaiosID patterns are acting as the product’s fingerprint and can be automatically verified with a smartphone. kaiosID’s seamless integration in existing production, packaging and logistic processes doesn’t require any additional hardware, and makes it the most easy and elegant traceability solution.

Customer designed traceability features that fit the product visual and respect the brand identity

Easy and automatic identification with smartphone

Seamless integration without expensive modifications

Stay beautiful

At kaiosID, we value the time and effort brands are spending to beautifully design their product’s packaging. We believe that their products deserve more than cold and ugly codes or serial numbers and that the traceability solution should continue to visually tell the story of the product. With kaiosID, brands are the artistic directors of the traceability.

Traceability by design

Thanks to powerful proprietary algorithms, we are able to generate millions of different random patterns based on customer design. Once printed on the packaging, those random patterns become the fingerprint of the product.

Digital printing

New digital printing technologies allow our packaging and labelling industry partners to print on-demand labels and boxes and therefore print a single and unique design on each of our client’s box or label.

Flexible creativity

kaiosID can also develop custom softwares to generate specific random designs or integrate variations in existing designs.



kaiosID traceability features can be printed on the packaging, on labels or even on blisters. It can be printed with visible or invisible ink or a combination of both. Our label manufacturing partners can also offer transparent labels, security labels and various kind of tamper proof labels.


Smart and Easy

No need to buy expensive and specialized scanners or to be an expert! kaiosID powerful algorithms provide automatic and easy product authentication by smartphone, allowing to access the product specific informations. Product’s data are securely hosted in an encrypted cloud database.

Automatic recognition…

…and identification

Web platform

Our clients can directly create their products and customize the relevant data they want to store on the database, such as channels, distributors and destination markets. We also provide an online pattern designer tool allowing our clients to create and order their packaging designs.




Workshop with the clients to understand their specific issues and the lifecycle of the product from brand design to production to consumer distribution. We will discuss the most efficient way to integrate kaiosID on the product and in the supply chain.

kaiosID finds the best printing partners, gets samples and develops client specific features if required.

Validation of the solution on a small production batch.

Full deployment across brands and product categories



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kaiosID, finalist of the Cosmetic Victories Award!

May, 13, 2019

kaiosID traceability solution has been selected among 90 applications from 14 countries, as one of the three finalists of the Cosmetic Victories Award, in the Industry Prize category. The Cosmetic Victories reward  the best cosmetic innovation of the year and are organized by Cosmetic Valley France, the world's leading perfumery cosmetics network, trusted by the industry's leading brands (LVMH, L'Oréal, Coty group, Puig group, Procter & Gamble, etc). link



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